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Ms. Bates's Sight Words app is a fun, simple way for kids to commit the 220 Dolch sight words to memory. These commonly used words will help your child learn to read.

We developed this app with first grade EL teacher Chelsea Bates from Cole Elementary School in Nashville, TN. Her students come from a variety of backgrounds, and she wanted to create an app that non-English speaking parents could use with their children.

About The Dolch Sight Words:
In 1948, William Edward Dolch, PhD created this list of 220 words that children needed to master in order to read English fluently. Since many of the words can't be sounded out phonetically, children need to know these words by sight. While these words were originally meant to help English speakers learn to read, they are now common teaching tools for English language learners. Sometimes the Dolch list is divided into 5 levels, though we have chosen to include all 220 words together.

Created by Red Room Software.

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